Three Identical Strangers – Review

At the beginning of Tim Wardle’s absorbing roller-coaster ride of a documentary, Three Identical Strangers, middle-aged Robert Shafran sits down in front of a camera to tell us a story. It’s 1981. He has just arrived at college. He is greeted by a whole bunch of people who are happy to see him. ‘Hey, glad you’re back.’ When you turn heads on your first day … Continue reading Three Identical Strangers – Review

Sully – Brand New Featurette!

Tom Hanks is the world’s greatest actor. You’ll have to be so isolated not to have watched at least one of his films. He is certainly a top tier actor who is also sweet, lovely, and awesome! Now he returns in Clint Eastwood’s biopic Sully! Tom Hanks plays pilot Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger. For Sully, January 15th would be no ordinary day as both of his engines … Continue reading Sully – Brand New Featurette!