You Must Watch…Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

If you’re a TV addict, you know that most of the best shows are often gritty; they’re dark, violent, sexy, mature, serious, gripping, and while that’s all well and good…Don’t you ever fancy a break? You know, just getting away from the doom and gloom of Game of Thrones, or the political intrigue of House of Cards, just a show that’s nice. Positive vibes that … Continue reading You Must Watch…Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

You Must Watch…The Wire

Boredom is a terrible feeling to experience. The seconds become hours, the minutes, millennia. It almost feels like there’s no escape from these doldrums. Fortunately, We Make Movies on Weekends has come up with a way to banish those blues before they can take root in your psyche. Prepare yourself for your latest… Weekend Binge! There are many shows out there that are currently vying … Continue reading You Must Watch…The Wire