You Must Watch…Murder, Mystery & Make-Up

by Sarah Cook True crime has fascinated us for centuries. I guess there is a lot of psychology surrounding the phenomenon. Whether or not it stems from a morbid fascination with murders and their perpetrators or it comes from the spectacle of violence, true crime has been extremely popular. Think of the Victorians who’d rush crime scenes to get their first glimpse of the gore and … Continue reading You Must Watch…Murder, Mystery & Make-Up

You Must Watch…UNHhhh (Youtube)

There’s a live episode of this show, at RuPaul’s DragCon, where one of our leading ladies Katya shoots down the audiences suggestion of binging the entire show over the weekend/day. So, while I watched that, I thought, “I know exactly what I’ll do – I’ll write an entire article about why you absolutely should binge the Youtube series over the weekend.” So take on the … Continue reading You Must Watch…UNHhhh (Youtube)