Small Axe: Lover’s Rock – Review

A beautifully-textured and euphorically vibrant celebration of culture, community and love, Lovers Rock is another strong anthology chapter in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe, writes Nathan Osborne. Steve McQueen has demonstrated extraordinary range in his career to date: from sex addiction drama to slavery epic, heist thriller to historical drama, his ability to turn his hand to almost any genre has certified him as one of … Continue reading Small Axe: Lover’s Rock – Review

Mangrove – Review

Steve McQueen puts the British black experience on the witness stand in Mangrove, a stellar beginning to his Small Axe anthology, writes Nathan Osborne The first of five films from writer and director Steve McQueen that form his new-for-television Small Axe anthology – a series of focusing on the experiences of Black people in Britain – Mangrove tells the true story of, and takes its name from, the Mangrove Nine … Continue reading Mangrove – Review

Relic – Review

by Sarah Miles The best horror movies are ones that tap into something more than simple scares. Night of the Living Dead features the breakdown of society with an undercurrent of Civil Rights era tension, 2019’s Invisible Man is overtly about abusive relationships, and Pulse (Kairo) expresses loneliness and depression with soul chilling truth. When you can scare people on multiple levels; the visceral, emotional, … Continue reading Relic – Review

Wolfwalkers – Review

The Secret of the Kells. Song of the Sea. The Breadwinner. There is no animation studios  out there quite like Cartoon Saloon. For years, they have produced the most unique and stunning works for adults and children alike. They are the kind of company which will make you cry through animation alone. Then they sprinkle in an affecting story, a brilliant composition, and stirring voices. … Continue reading Wolfwalkers – Review

The Secret Garden – Review

Frances Hodgson’s The Secret Garden is a children’s novel that has been adapted to the screen four different times. It’s most famed one is Agnieszka Holland’s 1993 film starring Maggie Smith and John Lynch. It is certainly one that most millennials remember; the looming Gothic nature of Misselthwaite manor, the brilliant secret garden, and first crushes on farmhand Dickon (or, like me, an inappropriate one … Continue reading The Secret Garden – Review

Possessor – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Tom Percival Violent, unsettling, and strangely beautiful, Possessor is one of those special horror films that worms its way into your brain, possessing your thoughts for days after you’ve seen it. Set in a vague, undefined, near future, Possessor follows Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) an assassin with a very particular set of skills. Using surgeries and a strange machine, Tasya can implant her consciousness … Continue reading Possessor – BFI London Film Festival Review