An Ode to Tony Todd’s Candyman

Urban legends are myths, started by creatives and told huddled around campfires. They were spread at sleepovers, whispered in classrooms and eventually made it to the adult pub scene which would alert filmmakers to sit back and say, “hang on, we’ve struck gold here.” Ever since, those campfire stories have clung to our minds and horror have delectably dug into our psyches to devour our … Continue reading An Ode to Tony Todd’s Candyman

‘I’m Coming With You’ – Friendship and Fellowship in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy

by Jordan King 2020 was a rough one wasn’t it? Globally, the COVID-19 Pandemic ravaged societies, bringing communities to their knees, businesses to the brink, economies into recessions, and most heartachingly rivening families and friends in their times of most desperate need. Personally, this writer has felt the rippling effects of the pandemic brutally. I lost a child and couldn’t be there to hold my … Continue reading ‘I’m Coming With You’ – Friendship and Fellowship in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – 10 Years On

Edgar Wright is a man who loves film and it shows in every little thing that he does. Every short, every use of music, every piece of editing – It all stems from a deeply rooted appreciation for this beautiful art. The Cornetto Trilogy was a comedy gold, and Baby Driver is one of the best original films, but nothing stands taller for me than … Continue reading Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – 10 Years On

Summerland – Review

Are we starved of beautiful lesbian dramas and romances? Possible. However, Summerland could be the meal we so richly deserve, gloriously bringing together two of the UK’s best actresses – Gemma Arterton and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a hazy, summer period romp. Directed and written by Jessica Swale, Summerland revolves around curmudgeon faction writer Alice, who tries to dispel myths and magic with her work. Although … Continue reading Summerland – Review

Finding the Way Back – Review

Ben Affleck’s career has been a turbulent one, filled with lows and highs. From critically panned Gigli to scooping up an Oscar for his film Argo, Affleck has had a whirlwind of an acting portfolio. Even recently. I mean, after his stint in the incredible Gone Girl, who didn’t expect him to continue with hit, after hit, after hit? However, with some sub-par, forgetful movies … Continue reading Finding the Way Back – Review

Snowpiercer – Review

The journey of Snowpiercer, particularly for us in the United Kingdom, has been an interesting one. Due to demands by Harvey Weinstein, insisting that 20 minutes be cut and monologues be added at the start and end, Bong Joon-ho refused and the film itself languished in the station, struggling to find a worldwide distributor. Lucky, in 2018, it was acquired by Amazon Prime Video, sadly … Continue reading Snowpiercer – Review