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The King’s Man – Brand New Trailer

Matthew Vaughn’s action escapade about a very British brand of spies has proved extremely popular and catapulted Taron Egerton into superstar-dom. It’s sequel, The Golden Circle proved less effective yet still left fans gagging for more of Eggsy and he’s merry band of suited and booted friends.

Sadly, due to scheduling conflict, Egerton won’t return and instead we’ve got a whole prequel.

Led by Harris Dickson and Ralph Fiennes, the films looks a race against time to stop the world’s greatest tyrants.

It looks fast-paced and a lot of fun but because of the terrible downfall in quality. What do you think?

The King’s Man is out later this year. 

Captain Marvel – Review

We’ve been heavily anticipating Captain Marvel since they announced the hero’s involvement in The Avengers series. When we saw her insignia flash on Nick Fury’s pager as he faded to dust, we were fully prepared to dive into a whole new superhero origin story. Now she’s here and she is burning bright in every sense of the world.

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Set in 1995, Captain Marvel revolves around Kree soldier in training Vers, who is part of an elite Starforce on the planet Hala and has no memory beyond her six years on the planet. The alien-race of Kree are fighting a war against shape-shifting Skrull army. When Vers is taken hostage, the Skrulls unlock memories from her life before. Throw a daring escape, Vers is sent to Earth alongside a handful of Skrulls. To stop the alien-race invading Earth, Vers pairs up with SHIELD agent Nick Fury and may unlock the very secrets to her being…Could she be Carol Danvers?

Captain Marvel is a pretty good thrill ride. However, unlike Black Panthers new take on a solo outing (where he has been an established character, working on his own separate family issues,) this is an origin outing and therefore suffers from trying to establish a character already part of a grand-scale story.  The film lacks any connection during the beginning which means you aren’t completely invested in Carol “Vers” Danvers. It isn’t until she is jettisoned to Earth and she meets Fury that she opens up and becomes a more intriguing character with serious stakes in the mission.

Brie Larson is always brilliant – and here is no different – but Carol is an amnesiac hero from start to beginning and the grandeur elements of the story engulf the character, losing her from time to time. Whilst Larson does get to the heart of Carol, and she is the bright, smiley spirit within the film, Captain Marvel overwhelms her with on-the-nose empowering messages and nineties nostalgia. This is best exampled when a big fight sequence is set to No Doubt’s I’m Just A Girl. Yes, it’s enjoyable, but also oddly jarring too. It’s great to have a female-led superhero film from Marvel but it’s not good to sound off about it every five minutes.

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This may sound like a negative review. It’s true that Captain Marvel is flawed but it isn’t more flawed than say Captain America: The First Avenger or Doctor Strange’s opening act. It hits every Marvel checkbox from the witty-lines to a somewhat weak enemy.

Positively, Captain Marvel is a lot of fun. From bombastic battles and Carol unlocking her powers  to Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson’s BFF relationship, Captain Marvel delivers a lot of super-charged energy. Ben Mendolsohn is a terrific supporting character who has, perhaps, a better arc than our leading character whilst Lashana Lynch anchors the film with more emotion. The soundtrack is brilliant too – making anyone millennial cheer.

Captain Marvel is good – great when you consider that it has a cat called Goose which at one point gets called a Flerken – but it’s not as strong as some movies that have come before it.

Captain Marvel is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now! 

Border – Review

Fairy-tales.. They have seeped throughout time and history. Chattered imagination has been whispered in bed-time stories and campfire horrors. For centuries with been spooked by spectres, haunted by horrors, and frightened by fantasies.

In Scandinavia, adults and children have been particularly terrified by their own particular historical creatures. Creatures which Ali Abbasi has spun into a glorious modern yarn.

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Border revolves around Tina, a woman who has an “ugly” facial structure, who works for the Swedish Border Agency that screens people coming off ships. Tina has a special ability at sniffing out people’s guilt and shame. Living off the grid in a woodland area and with dog-breeder Roland, she spends her time walking the forests nearby or caring for her ailing father. When she comes across a man, Vore, who she can’t sniff out and looks like her, she becomes drawn to him. It becomes apparent that he might be uncover secrets about who she is and the pair become closer…

Border is a subversive and mysterious drama that unravels in a glorious manner. Iranian director Abbasi, whose work includes the much acclaimed Shelley, implements an intriguing modern fairy-tale. The film is an enchantment in some scenes, ghoulish in others, but utterly captivating from start to finish. The film works greatly with these tonal shifts. Offering up some impeccable sequences, including one frivolous and endearing frolic through the sun-streaked trees, the film can be a romantic story one second then horror to ponder the next.

There is also an undercurrent of social commentary here. When the film digs deeper into how we treat those who are different and especially those we deem as “ugly.” The film asks you to shift your perception through graphic sexual scenes or simply Tina being. It also gender-bends throughout and it’s non-conforming ideals make it a magnificent watch.

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The whole of the film wouldn’t work if it weren’t for Eva Melander as Tina. My god is she breath-taking here. Though unrecognisable due to her prominent prosthetics, this doesn’t sop her convey earnest and intimate emotions. Tina is a sympathetic character but doesn’t require pity. She is determined, strong, with an upstanding set of morals whilst also being vulnerable, sweet, and funny. As this film is all about her becoming, Melander beautifully develops Tina and makes a truly cinematic heroine.

Opposite her is Eero Milonoff as Vore. The pair have an instant chemistry with one another the minute they meet but Milonoff keeps his character as mysterious as possible, revealing bit by bit. Though this is Melander’s film, Milonoff is also as expressive and great as Vore, balancing between love interest and possible villain, the actor is unexpectedly alluring.

Border is a brooding film that will stay with you long after watching. That may be because of the graphic sequences and detail, but it’s also because of the soulfulness . The mood and tone matched with some gorgeous imagery are truly affecting, haunting even. There’s also a soulful and mournful message about nature and finding who you are, against the backdrop of an isolating and brutal society. Blending fantasy with social commentary, Border is a riveting and redolent affair.

Border is out 8th March

Judy – Brand New Trailer!

Judy Garland is one of our biggest icons. Now she has her very own biopic about her life.

The film looks at Judy Garland’s later life as she struggles with drug addiction, bankruptcy, and failed marriages.

This definitely feels like Renee Zellwegers punt for an Oscar this year and judging by a trailer, it could be an easy win. What do you think?

Judy is out later this year! 

Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Perhaps the film that kicked off the live-action Disney phenomenon, Maleficent proved mildly successful. The film which re-imagined Disney’s greatest villain now has a sequel.

Mistress of Evil sees the eponymous  character grapple with her dark side once again as she opposes Aurora’s

There are obvious plot points mapped out and highlighted. In fact, it all seems pretty obvious in what we can expect. Angelina Jolie looks GREAT THOUGH!

I mean…

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What do you think?

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is out later this year! 

The Hole In The Ground – Review

Children in movies are adorable. They speak in this high-pitched cute curious tones that make us all tilt our head to one side and go “awwwwwww.” We can’t help but adore them. (Well, sometimes – others think that they are annoying and whiney but that’s moot here.)

However, if you put any child of any cuteness in a horror film – they are bound to creep you out. Horror movie children – even if they are the victim – are insanely disturbing and even more so if they are the terror that haunts you (See: The Village, The Grudge, The Rin

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This year’s highly underrated horror gem, The Hole In The Ground sees young Sarah moving to a small secluded Irish village with her son Chris, following from an abusive relationship. When Chris gets lost in the woods, Sarah finds him on the edge of a sinkhole that is ever growing in the forest by their home. When she gets him back, she starts to notice peculiar things and starts to suspect that her child may not be what he seems. Soon Sarah starts to spiral out of control…

Lee Cronin’s  uneasy horror is a masterfully paced horror that unnerves you from the beginning.  From the brown-hued cinematography to the imposing forest that creaks and looms with the Stephen McKeon’s enrapturing score, The Hole In The Ground is about tension that crawls across your skin and digs into your senses. Cronin builds by having the audience constantly question along with Sarah. As you try to work out why the dead-eyed, innocent-speaking Chris is evil or not, the writing and direction lulls you into a horrifying scare.

Seána Kerslake is brilliant as Sarah. She performs as a woman utterly unsure about her weird- acting child. Caught between utter reason – as no one else around her can sense there is something wrong – or the gnawing gut feeling that her child is not her own, Kerslake brilliantly unravels Sarah with great affect as you follow your her in this utterly terrifying journey. Young James Quinn Markey is effective as Chris. For such a young actor, he really captures that sense of unease with his  character, making seamlessly innocent moments – such as a classic school performance -completely petrifying.

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As with most things, The Hole In The Ground falters somewhat in the big finale and reveal. It’s not a big falter but because you have all the answers, a lot of that juicy and delicious tension melts away. Again, this isn’t a huge deal because Cronin succeeds in taking you on this intense horror journey that sticks with you after.

With a brooding atmosphere and stunning acting, The Hole In The Ground is one of the best horrors, and films, of the year.

The Hole In The Ground is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now!