Y: The Last Man – Review

by Sarah Cook Imagine a world where all the men were gone. Though some may proclaim, in wild cheering, that this would be the dream, the actual ramifications are intense. Seeing as the patriarchy still controls the world, and therefore men are mostly in control of everything, an instant plague which wipes out all men would be chaos.  That’s the premise behind Y: The Last … Continue reading Y: The Last Man – Review

You Should Be Watching…Cruel Summer

by Giles Gough Psychological teen thriller Cruel Summer dropped on Amazon Prime recently to comparatively little fan-fare, but it has all the makings of a massive sleeper hit. Set over three summers, 1993, 1994 and 1995, the story follows Jeanette Turner (played by Chiara Aurelia) and Kate Wallis (played by Cloak & Dagger star,Olivia Holt). Jeanette starts off being a shy, awkward kid, who secretly … Continue reading You Should Be Watching…Cruel Summer

Second Spring – Review

by Tom Beasley The idea of a once nimble mind slipping away has been an obsession of filmmakers in recent years, with Natalie Erika James’s fascinating horror movie Relic and the Oscar-winning drama The Father both immediately joining the pantheon of powerful films about dementia. Andy Kelleher’s debut feature Second Spring is another intriguing journey into a degenerating mind, albeit one which exists in a … Continue reading Second Spring – Review

An Ode to Tony Todd’s Candyman

Urban legends are myths, started by creatives and told huddled around campfires. They were spread at sleepovers, whispered in classrooms and eventually made it to the adult pub scene which would alert filmmakers to sit back and say, “hang on, we’ve struck gold here.” Ever since, those campfire stories have clung to our minds and horror have delectably dug into our psyches to devour our … Continue reading An Ode to Tony Todd’s Candyman

King Knight – Fantasia 2021 Review

by Anton Bitel Richard Bates Jr.’s King Knight begins with an animated picture book, and a “once upon a time”-style narration, as though we are about to watch a Disney fairytale – although the book’s final image is a map of contemporary California, as the narrator declares “sometimes the most beautiful flowers grow up in the biggest piles of shit.” Certainly there is a lot … Continue reading King Knight – Fantasia 2021 Review