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We heard it on the grapevine…or the internet.

The King’s Man – Brand New Trailer

Matthew Vaughn’s action escapade about a very British brand of spies has proved extremely popular and catapulted Taron Egerton into superstar-dom. It’s sequel, The Golden Circle proved less effective yet still left fans gagging for more of Eggsy and he’s merry band of suited and booted friends.

Sadly, due to scheduling conflict, Egerton won’t return and instead we’ve got a whole prequel.

Led by Harris Dickson and Ralph Fiennes, the films looks a race against time to stop the world’s greatest tyrants.

It looks fast-paced and a lot of fun but because of the terrible downfall in quality. What do you think?

The King’s Man is out later this year. 

Knives Out – Brand New Trailer!

Knives Out stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Lakeith Steinfield, Kathrine Langford, and Christopher Plummer.  That’s it, that’s the article.

Oh – do you want more?

Directed and written by The Last Jedi’s genius Rian Johnson, this films is a murder mystery revolving as the patriarch of a rich family dies.

Like a modern adaptation of Clue with a bit more bite, Knives Out looks to be darkly comic and impressive feature. What do you think?

Knives Out is out later this year! 


Ready Or Not – Trailer!

In-laws, aye? If you’re lucky, you’ll surely get on with your future family members. However, sometimes, you’re in a fight to the death with them.

Directed by Matt Bettineli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the film revolves around a young bride who joins her husband’s wealthy but eccentric family. However, a traditional game turns deadly and the bride is soon hunted throughout the night.

Starring Samara Weaving (of The Babysitter fame), this film looks like a steampunk version of You’re Next. What do you think?

Ready Or Not is out in August!

Blinded By The Light – Brand New Trailer!

Music can change, inspire, and evolve someone to the person. That’s the story in the glorious Blinded by the Light! 

Based on the memoirs of Sarfraz Manzoor’s, the film revolves around a teenager who finds his own voice through the words and music of Bruce Springsteen.

The trailer starts out quite uninteresting but when the music and the fantasy hits, it becomes terrific and is now one of my most anticipated movies.

Blinded by the Light is out August 9th 

Terminator: Dark Fate – Brand New Trailer!

Terminator has gone from an incredible couple of films to a dire selection of them. Ever since T2, we’ve had some disastrous entries into the Machine vs Man lore!

But we’re still getting more. Now we have Terminator Dark Fate!

The movie revolves around a fight for survival against well…machine and man.

Look, sometimes trailers sell you on one particular element. This trailer has two. One of them is the phenomenal MacKenzie Davies who can do no wrong. The second of them is they used a cover of Bjork’s Hunter in the trailer.

Sign me the fuck up!

Terminator: Dark Fate is out in cinemas November. 

Downton Abbey – Trailer!

We’ve been expecting you…

Popular period drama Downton Abbey has made the leap from television to film in this

And here’s the trailer…

The film sees the King and Queen going to the stately home for a visit. Cue panic!

Starring all the current cast and some new faces, this definitely looks to be an exciting and thrilling film…if you are into that sort of thing. What do you think?

Downton Abbey is out 13th September