War on Everyone – Review

Cop comedies…Ride Along, The Heat, The Other Guys – you name it, we have probably seen it. Although, it seems even though we have a plethora of such films the industry is still churning them out. Well, whatever gets bums on seats I guess.

The architect behind Ned Kelly and the masterful Calvary, director, writer John Michael McDonagh adds a very different slice of film to his budding list of work. War on Everyone, is an entertaining recipe; jam packed full of comedy, violence and sex.  Corrupt cops are no strangers to our screens, but as the titles roll and we see a highly inebriated man drive into several cars and a lamppost there’s no doubt this is going to be anything but tame. Enter Terry Monroe, a tall and handsome and somewhat drunk policeman and his much shorter, glasses wearing, slightly more sensible partner in crime Bob Bolaño.

840ada020b5eb15b65fc92a8415dfe23845e6c230399cfb60b90110ecc039f55Two New York cops that wangle, break and manipulate the law anyway they see fit in order to bring down the criminals the city harbours, and of course to benefit themselves have pushed their luck one too many times. On their final warning from the head of the police department, these cops think they have struck lucky as they catch wind of a new villain in town, Lord James Mangan (Theo James) and his eccentrically outlandish side-kick of a strip-joint owner Birdwell (Caleb Landry Jones). Appearing as a series of clichés, at first glance War on Everyone provides us with a smart and snappy story following Monroe and Bolaño doing whatever it takes to hunt down this new found baddie. Yet, this quickly utilises a recognisable formula, staying safely in the realm of familiarity. At least the American’s won’t find this one too hard to fathom.

The jokes and gags made are outrageously offensive, albeit just as the recent Sausage Party managed to achieve, everyone is in the same boat here – so just don’t take offense here. Whilst the comedy is laugh out loud at times, the slapstick vibes and immature nature of it becomes rather repetitive. If it wasn’t for the sinister nature of Mangan and his child pornography, drug smuggling, arms dealing side plot, this may have fallen dangerously close to landing on the pile of pointless cop comedies pretending they are just as good as Bad Boys. Skarsgard plays a much more laid back role than his Fantastia running, blood sucking Eric in True Blood; although the same amount of sarcastic disdain manages to carry him through this alcohol fuelled cop. Pena handles this role with ease, whilst James brings darkness to his troubled drug attic of a Brit.

war-on-everyone-e1466434834419War on Everyone is amusingly clever, outright brutal and devilishly dark. The main flaw being that the comedy seemed forced and mis-placed, as if so say ‘it’s ok, this isn’t as dark as it actually is’, rather than adopting the same technique McDonagh did with his recent project. And the dark places, is where this one really worked. Nothing we haven’t seen before; but certainly not a film without laughs.

Out on Fri 0ctober 7th, 2016 – catch Pena and Skarsgard ‘copping’ everything they can get their hands on.


Stephen King’s It (1990) – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Hands up who is afraid of clowns? Ah, yes. Everyone.

For some reason, they were once seen as children’s entertainment. Ghoulish grinning guys with white pale make up and smeared red lips would stalk parties with misshapen balloons and an oafish clumsy nature to the wails and screams of children everywhere. Eventually, over time, we began to see the dastardly devils for what they were: Pure evil.

The world of film have monopolised on this usual nightmare by gifting our nightmares contorted figures of horror. American Horror Story’s Twisty the Clown, Bobo in Disney’s Oscar winner Inside Out, and the clown bed from The Simpson’s are memorable demonic red-nosed freaks ready to devour children in their sleep.

The most prominent and infamous creation is Stephen King’s Pennywise. From horror story It, and soon to be immortalised all over again in a recent horror adaptation, Pennywise is one of the creepiest and fucked up things to stalk the screen.


Image result for stephen king's it
Re-released on DVD & Blu-Ray, the mini-series revolves around a group of children called The Losers. When they discover a supernatural force, dressed up as their worst nightmares, is luring children away and killing them, they decide to kill it once and for all. However, after only wounding the creature, years later as adults, they are called upon once again to rid the world of this evil. But can they save the entire town?

With Tim Curry’s immortal performance of Pennywise grinning maniacally in our minds, it’s safe to say that the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It has plagued us ever since first watch. With bright red hair, a face caked on with pale, and yellowed sharp teeth, it’s Curry’s haunting performance as Pennywise that has made him such a cult figure. Despite the lacking narrative and the stretched out story, the mini-series was made ghoulish by the sheer presence of Curry who is able to transform into a horrifying depiction of childhood, and indeed, adulthood terror. His work captured the fear so well that he is a figure unmatched. In fact, when it was announced that they were remaking It, many lamented that Bill Skarsgard will find it tricky to retrieve the mantle from Curry. It’s hard to imagine anyone tackling this character bar from the great villainous Curry.

Image result for stephen king's it
There is an air of childhood danger and the dread that grips all the great elements to the mini-series, the overall product has degraded over time. Which is saying something because it wasn’t greatly received on first watch either. Maybe because of the episodic nature of the project, it seems to be anti-climactic; barely holding the chills that it should’ve done if it were a grand and petrifying movie. The characters feel underdeveloped despite the child to adult jump, and the cheesy early nineties effects aren’t as great upon first watch (which was usually behind the cushions of your friend’s bedroom as you snuck a peak as a child.)

Despite this, there is an odd horror-charm to the original Stephen King’s It and part of that is because of Tim Curry’s enormous talent. Frankly, if you ever saw this film, the sheer mention of clowns would have you soiling your pants.

Stephen King’s It is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now! 

A United Kingdom – “Independence” Trailer

Awards season is upon us, which means it’s time for powerful, moving films that are perfectly shot and stunningly performed. We have a whole bunch to choose from in the coming months, but one you should definitely make time for is Amma Asante’s A United Kingdom. The director of Belle brings us the story of Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana (David Oyelowo), who causes an international stir when he chooses to marry a white woman (Rosamund Pike) from London in the 1940s. This short trailer focuses specifically on the clips in which Khama attempts to unite his people and have them stand behind him and the choice he has made.

A United Kingdom looks divine; it’s ripe with talent and has an sensational feel to every trailer. Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo are some of the best actors around right now, and maybe Oyelowo might get that Oscar nomination he was robbed of over a year ago. There’s a lot to check out in the next few months, and I’m sure your wallet will be weeping, but make sure you buy a ticket to some home grown beauty.

A United Kingdom premieres at LFF on October 5th, and goes wide on November 25th in the UK.

The Accountant – Brand New Trailer!

There are a lot of controversies surrounding the portrayal of autism and its sufferers. Savants, Asperger’s, and more mental illnesses are often stereotyped and portrayed with a Hollywood glow.  Will this continue in The Accountant?

The film revolves around a math savant who has more affinity for numbers than people (aka, every smart person role ever created.) On the outside, he simple works for a small town CPA office. But behind closed doors, Christian runs every account for the criminal underbelly and soon the police are on his trail.

Starring Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck, could this be an interesting feature? Thanks to this latest clip, we’re very invested.

The Accountant is out November4th! 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Brand New Teaser!

There are franchises that just don’t seem to die. They live forever as some sort of beacon shrieking of unoriginality and clear cashing in of a franchise.

They start of good, dwindle by the third, and the  carry on despite nobody ever asking them too. Why can’t they just die? After all, Dead Men Tell No Tales....

Get it? OK

The upcoming fifth film of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise sees Jack Sparrow return. And his time he is pursued by another demon of the sea….

Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, and Geoffrey Rush are all onboard and this does look fun!

What do you think?


Dead Men Tell No Tales is out next year!