Nappily Ever After Trailer

Any woman will tell you that our hair is a big deal. Linked so tightly to the concept of femininity, it is something most women use as a way of expressing themselves. For Black women, our hair (yes the chick writing this has an Afro) is even more closely linked to our identity and sadly our natural hair is still something many women struggle with. Portrayed in media as unattractive, unprofessional and something that can literally hold us back. Many women with Afro hair feel the overwhelming pressure to change their appearance to a more euro-centric look. In the new Netflix original movie Nappily Ever After, we meet a woman whose lifelong struggle with her own hair, finally gets the better of her.

Nappily Ever After introduces us to Violet Jones, a woman who has always aimed to be perfect. From a young age she began to ‘fix’ her hair and strived for constant perfection. When the night she believes her boyfriend is going to propose to her ends differently, Violent begins to lose her usual level of control. One night, she does the unthinkable while drunk and cuts off her hair. Now without her long hair to hide behind Violent must look at the emphasis she places on her hair and really learn to just be herself.

The film is based on the best selling book by Trisha R. Thomas of the same name. The film is another example of Netflix creating more diverse content and with a cast that includes Ernie Hudson, Lynn Whitfield, Ricky Whittle and Lyriq Bent. With the movement for Black women to embrace their natural hair at an all time high, the film will be a welcomed and relevant story to many. To those not in the curl club, just watch for the cute female empowerment feels.

The film will be released on Netflix this September.

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