Mom & Dad – Review

Every so often in my life I have to remind myself that Nic Cage exists. Like, the world has been around for billions and billions of years and yet I’m alive when Nic Cage is. Think about it, like, there is a huge possibility that all the air has been recycled and you’re breathing in oxygen that has possibly circulated around the lungs of Nic Cage…

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OK, so that’s unlikely but you have a larger possibilty of bumping into Nic Cage than, say, Shakespeare because the former still exists in this timeline. It’s a crazy and exciting thought that honestly gets me out of bed in the morning.

What reinforces this thought is the amount of sheer farcical movies that Cage trots out on regular basis. There are at least five that come out yearly (because God truly exists) and this bat-shit insane entry into his ever expanding preposterous portfolio is another venture further into the rabbit hole that is Nic Cage’s brain.

Directed by Brian Taylor (of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance glory), Mom & Dad revolves around a seemingly normal family: the titular parents, the rebellious teenage girl, and the annoying younger son. They all get up and go to work or school, going about their suburban lives. It’s all good bar the niggles. Then a signal is sent out across the country which sends all the parents into a frenzy, flipping on their natural instinct to protect their children by, instead, murdering the shit out of them. It soon becomes a panic to survive.

Mom & Dad is, by a lot of accounts, a bad, bad, oh-so-terrible, awful film that is actually really fun and entertaining. And not in a “so-bad-it’s good,” way. 

It’s just both horrendous but hilarious and ridiculous entertaining. Like…

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There must be a Nic Cage gif for every occasion.

OK. So let’s not make this entire article all about Nic Cage even though his antics here are just, like, what?  His  role is as a doting father who lusts over a memory of his tearaway teen days where he did donoughnuts with his car as a girl flings her nungas nungas in his face and then becomes heinously obsessed with straight up butchering his kids  (see: premise.) There are outstandingly odd memories of him smashing up a pool table whilst singing the Hokey Cokey because he’s so bored of his humdrum life. Lunacy matched by insanity, it’s pure Nic Cage gold.

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Selma Blair plays his wife and, well, Blair’s good but it’s clear the script is very stiff here. It’s when this lonely suburbanite mother, who only ever wanted to connect with her hormone addled daughter, turns loose on her bratty kids that Blair gets to shine. She work’s best because she actually cares and that juxtaposes against the murderous mother she becomes.

It’s  a cocaine addled hyperactive gore fest that actually doesn’t have much gore for some explicit reason (OK, so, because, probbaby, they were afraid of killing children on screen so fucking much which doesn’t make much sense because one mother tries to straight up crush her BABY to death.) The editing is jarring, a similarity to Taylor’s Crank series where it rushes through action as though the movie just snorted Nic Cage’s stash of “the really good shit.”

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But Brian Taylor knows this film is trash. He must know this, and he is having the best time with it. The film does not let up nor give much of an explanation and it maybe would’ve worked better if it upped the carnage in a deliciously gory way. Yet there is a lot of fun to be had with this anarchic movie and I think you’ll love it. It’s subversive and I suppose there is some comment here about how parents aren’t necessarily happy being parents all the time because they lost parts of themselves to do so. And, come on, what parent hasn’t thought about wanting to you know just straight up killing their kids…

No, no one?

OK so regardless, a hell of a lot of people will enjoy  this entertaining hilarity thrill fest helmed by everyone’s favourite lunatic.

If you want bonkers, the film is the right choice for you..

Just don’t take your kids, OK?

Image result for mom & Dad nic cage gif
(This is not from the film but I can imagine Nic Cage’s acting process)

Mom & Dad is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now! 

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