Shot Caller – Brand New Trailer!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is so underrated; he is consistently among the best and most engaging actors in Game of Thrones, and it’s nice to see him gaining a presence in feature films. It’s usually a supporting role, but now Coster-Waldau is taking the lead in crime thriller Shot Caller.

Jacob Harlon (Coster-Waldau), a successful financier, is sent to jail after a drink driving accident. In order to survive the cutthroat prison environment, he joins the Ayran Brotherhood prison gang. Upon release, Harlon is a changed man, and must placate his no-nonsense parole agent, and an LA County sheriff, at the same time as repaying the debt to the gang who looked after him inside, who want him to arrange an illegal arms deal. He has to comply if he wants to keep his family safe from vengeance.

Shot Caller looks fantastic; gritty, brutal, and exhilarating, it offers everything a prison thriller should. It felt like this trailer showed off a little too much, but astonishingly, in just this two minute preview, Coster-Waldau is riveting. Joining him is another of today’s best actors, Jon Bernthal, offering up an antagonistic performance. Shot Caller looks a gritty treat this festive season.


Shot Caller screens 15th December! 


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